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Shaded Silver Persian
Shaded Silver Persian

Grooming the Silver and Golden Persian
Regular/Routine Maintenance Grooming

Part of the beauty of our Silver Persian cats is a full, sparkling coat. Proper care and feeding--good nutrition--is where good grooming begins though these will not put a floor length coat on a cat unless it is "in the genes." Now that we have fed and bred coat potential into our cats, coat care becomes very significant.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
GC Wyndcreste All That Glitters
Shaded Silver Persian

The most important thing to remember about keeping a silver or golden Persian in "show condition" is to bathe often (once a week) and rinse extremely well! A full-size (7 1/2") Greyhound comb, or a good such as a Chris Christiansen Butter Comb is a must. These combs cost about $ 27.00 to $ 40.00 and can be found on the internet or at cat shows. Pet Stores do not sell these better combs and the ones they have while inexpensive are quite frankly a waste of money (see below). The teeth are spaced seven to the inch on the coarse end, and ten to the inch on the fine end. (#000 Buttercomb 7 1/2" Fine/Coarse) It is important that the teeth of the comb not be sharp enough to hurt the skin when grooming, yet be long enough (1 1/8" - 1 1/4") to go all the way through a heavy coat to the skin. It is also a good idea to keep an extra comb on hand.

A small 4" wide spaced comb is perfect for the legs and the ruff. The small fine-toothed comb is perfect for the face area to remove excess powder. (#006 Face/Feet Buttercomb). Buy the best combs you can find, inexpensive combs do not move easily through the fur; can pull and tear out the fur and tarnish and rust quickly. Here are a few good grooming supply companies:

Chris Christensen Grooming Supplies;
Cherrybrook Grooming Supplies; and
3 Day Pet Supply are good online sources.

3 Day Pet Supply has a good supply of the authentic Belgian Greyhound Comb--which is the very best in my opinion and experience.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
CH Wyndcreste Balenciaga
Shaded Silver Persian

If you start combing your kitten as soon as you bring him or her home--before they need grooming--and make it a part of your early handling of your new baby, most will not object to grooming later on. A kitten by nine months of age usually resigns itself to the bathing process--be patient, firm and loving. Cats are not born to love grooming--you must teach it to love the process. Their early experiences will make them enjoy, tolerate or hate future grooming. If you have a cat who is already a problem and really resents combing, do very little combing at each session (about 30 seconds to one minute) and try again a little later. A little treat like Nutrical or a favorite treat after each grooming session often turns a "hater" into a "tolerater."

I recommend bathing your new kitten once a week to get you both used to the process and once you have gained confidence you can reduce the frequency to about once a month for routine maintenance. However, bathe more frequently in the fall and spring when the coat is flowing and ebbing.

Regular combing is important, as is regular and proper bathing. More hair is shed from a tacky coat than from a clean one. Furthermore more, a coat that is not clean tangles and mats more frequently. Bathing also helps to remove dead hair from the coat reducing the shedding about the home. Finger comb the kitty to feel for hidden mats not found by the comb. Be sure to check under the armpits and between the hind legs. I clip out mats rather than try to comb them out (if I am not showing the cat) as Silvers are very sensitive and want to make the process as painless as possible. After I take a kitty out of the bath I check the stomach and chest areas and between the legs and clip out any mats with a blunt nosed scissor.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
CH Wyndcreste Balenciaga
Shaded Silver Persian

To prepare a bath for your kitty, place a drain mat on the floor of the sink to prevent the kitty from slipping. Next, have a small shallow plastic container in to which you will squirt about a tablespoon or two of Dawn dish-washing detergent, and/or an anti-bacterial soap, then partially fill with warm water. Place kitty into the sink, and "soap" the soapy water into the coat to wet thoroughly. Using this method will allow the water to be more easily absorbed into the coat. Work to a lather and then rinse well.

Hold the kitty firmly in the bath and while bathing. Form a gentle but firm yoke with your hand over the shoulders at the base of the neck. Hold your hand out and spread your fingers; the "yoke" is the area of your hand between your thumb and forefinger. Pressure at the nape of the kitty's neck will subdue them. You will find the positions that work the most comfortably and effectively for you and your kitty. Always talk to your kitty throughout the bath to comfort and to reassure them!

Should a small emergency arise when the kitty is in the bath, drape a hand towel over the kitty, which will allow you 30 seconds, or so to attend to the emergency. The towel will subdue a kitty for a very short time only.Never leave the soapy, soaking wet kitty in the sink or with the blow dryer pointed at them unattended.

Use a "blueing" shampoo specifically for cats (a blue or purple colored shampoo--"Sho Sno" is a good shampoo readily available on Amazon, rinse well. Use a tearless baby shampoo to work into the facial area with a wet wash cloth, rinsing carefully and gently with the cloth. Never put kitty's face into the water. Apply a flea or medicated shampoo if necessary, or another shampoo, such as "EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Pet Shampoo," or a texturizing shampoo "House of Anjou Texturizing Shampoo" (diluted 16:1) and rinse well. Apply a conditioner such as "EQyss Premier Cream Rinse Conditioner" and rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again until the coat is squeaky clean. I find the final step of the House of Anjou Texturizer and the EQyss Conditioner rinses out extremely well, better than most. Gently squeeze the excess water from the kitty's coat, and wrap kitty in a good absorbent towel. It is time for hugs.

Some kitties are greasier than others and will need a repeat bath to get all the grease out--better to bathe again a few days to remove any residual grease in the coat. Many recommend starting a bath by 'Gooping" up the kitty with an oily coat using Mechanics Goop to degrease a coat, which you can buy at the grocery or hardware store. You need to dissolve a good hunk of the goop in a large cup--like an extra-large "Big Gulp" soft drink cup and pour over the cat and allow to stay on the coat for at least five minutes. Some just massage a generous amount of the goop into the coat and allow the goop to sit on the coat for at least five minutes before rinsing and starting your shampoos. Many grooming supply companies have their own brand of groomers' goop.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
CH Special's Extra Edition
of Dalee

Shaded Silver Persian

While kitty is still wrapped in the towel, clip the claws with a good nail clipper that will not split the claw. Check the tummy area and between the legs and clip out any mats. If you are brave, using extreme care shave a thin line across the tip of the nose to enhance the mascara. Munira Murrey of Missionhill has written an excellent article about Shaving Silver Noses. Very carefully using a pair of blunt nosed scissors, trim the fur around the edges of the ears. With a damp washcloth gently clean the inside of the ears. Again, carefully clean the crevasses of the ear with a Q-tip. Trim out any tummy mats or mats between the legs or around the neck area. Clip vertically to split the mat and the clipping will be less noticeable than horizontal. Time for another big hug!

To dry the kitty one must find a system comfortable for you and your kitty. Most people find being seated on the floor of the bathroom with the kitty on the lap works the best. Remember to remove every surface item that you wish to keep free of cat fur. After blowing drying four cats, my bathroom walls can be likened to a Flakoti rug! Place the standing blow dryer (such as an Andis Ionic/Ceramic Pet Dryer) 18" in front of you, or prop a regular hair dyer in a good position aiming the direction of airflow. Do yourself the favor of getting the inexpensive Andis Stand up Dryer, which will allow you to better direct the airflow and heat and allow you to have one hand to hold the kitty and the other to comb. Always use the warm setting, never hot. I place my kitties in a hard sided pet carrier and direct the dryer into the carrier (18 inches away from carrier on medium setting and let air/blow dry for no longer than five minutes before starting to comb. However if you can train the kitty to stay well on the counter or other good-sized flat surface, the drying may be easier on your back.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
GC Wyndcreste All That Glitters
Shaded Silver Persian

Always keep a gentle but firm hold on your kitty. Start combing the back feet area combing upwards and downwards layer by layer going up the leg and haunches and between the legs. Move to shoulders, ruff and front leg areas. Comb the midsection starting at the belly midline going upwards layer by layer. Some kitties are wiggly about this but if you hold the kitty against you and lift the legs you will get a good head start. A gentle but firm hold on the loose skin on the base of the neck will quiet a willful kitty for those tough to get at places. But do not persist with this hold. Kitty will get mad, and no one will be having any fun at this point. Intersperse with much talk and pets. If the kitty is getting mad, put it back in the carrier for a bit to allow you both a time out before you resume combing/drying. Compromise does help in the end.

Make bathing a pleasant loving experience for the both of you. I bathe a kitty when I am "stressed out," because making my beautiful kitty even more beautiful is a very pleasurable one on one experience for me. Bathing also serves to call to your attention any anomalies, be that a wound, split nails, fleas, etc., that previously was unnoticed. My kitties tend to walk out in a huff after their baths, but within an hour I receive apologies, and loves for making them clean, and beautiful once again. Yes, they really like being clean, and love all the focused attention a bath commands.

What if I have a Golden, do I use the same shampoos? Yes. The bluing shampoos seem to brighten the coats whereas the mahogany or 'red' shampoos are said to dull the coats.


Two thick towels, three wash cloths, and one hand towel
Rubber mat for sink
9" by 9" by 2" shallow plastic container


Bluing shampoo (Ring 5 Bright White, Sho Sno, FVR)
Baby Shampoo (Mennen)
Texturizing shampoo (House of Anjou)
Flea shampoo (Bio-Groom), if necessary, (after kitty is dry apply Advantage or Revolution and treat your home for fleas)
Dawn dish-washing soap (removes excess oil)
Anti-bacterial soap (for bottoms and ruff)

After bath have ready:

safety razor
blunt nosed scissors
claw clippers
cotton swabs (Q-tip)
Andis Stand-up blow dryer (Standing blow dryer)
Combs (Belgian Greyhound or Chris Christensen Buttercomb)
Lots of love

Please click here for a printable pdf version of these Grooming Instructions

Eye Area Care and Maintenance

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats
Missionhill Cosmic Rainstorm
Shaded Silver Persian

Some Persians have drippy eyes which need daily cleaning to avoid matter collecting in the area which will only serve to cause more irritation and tearing, so it is important to keep the eye area clean. Uuse a damp wash cloth or a cosmetic pad dampened with saline solution (contact lens) to clean the area. Follow with a dry wash cloth or dry cosmetic pad to surface dry the area. You can apply a powder with a Q-tip or lipstick brush and then comb out the powder with the fine tines of a face comb. Eye Envy has a fabulous line of products for the Kitty eye area. I make a powder using 7 tbls cornstarch; one teaspoon boric acid powder and two capsules of fish amoxicillin and mix well in a small jar or plastic container (approximately 1/4 to 1/3 cup size).

Shaving Silver and Golden Persian's Noses

Munira Murrey of Mission Hill Persians has written a fabulous article about shaving Silver and Golden {ersian noses to enhance the effect of the nose and eye liners unique to Silver and Golden Persians. Click here for the article Shaving Silver Noses by Munira Murrey.

Wyndcreste Chinchilla Shaded Silver Persian Cats

CFA Cattery of Distinction Award

Wyndcreste chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian Cats and Kittens

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