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Shaded Silver Persian Cat
Chinchilla Silver Persian Cat - Born July 30, 1955
Aladdin is the Most Famous Silver Persian
of the Mid 20th Century Bred by Grace and Ivan Over
Foundation Sire of the Famed Walnut Hill Silvers Persians
Owned by Mrs. Dorie Weston

History of Silver and Golden Persians
Article Index
Shaded Silver Persian
Chinchilla Silver Persian

I have collected a number of interesting articles about the history of our beautiful Silver and golden Persians as well as other information about the unique coloring of these gorgeous Persians. Our Silver and Golden Persians have been revered and cherished since their beginning in early 1880s and perhaps earlier, but sadly those records do not exist. I have illustrated the articles with photos of many ancient and historical Silvers as well as their known pedigrees from early CFA, CCR, ACA, NCC, BCC, GCCF studbooks.

Silver and Golden Persians are facing extinction brought by legislation from so called 'animal rights' groups that seek that all companion/domestic animals be spayed and neutered and not used as human companions, food or as 'employed' to 'assist' humans in any way. If you wish to support and help animals directly and not pay for legislation please support your local spay/neuter clinic or animal shelter and NOT the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), ASPCA or PETA or other such radical 'animal rights' group.

Shaded Silver Persian
Silver Persian Kittens
'Extra' at left

These radical organizations define the mere ownership of an animal as "Animal cruelty." Don't be deceived by the many expensive TV commercials we see all day everyday asking to 'help an animal in need' as only maybe a infinitesimal fraction of your donation will actually go to provide care for an animal in some shelter.These organizations DO NOT provide shelter to animals in need. Your donation to such organization as HSUS /PETA will only go to pay for more expensive commercials, legislation to limit your right to due process under our Constitution and your rights as a domestic animal owner. If you fall prey to their deceptive advertising practices, your hard earned donated money will be used to pay the outrageous salaries of these radical HSUS /PETA administrators and State and National political Lobbyists and their attorneys--NOT animals in crisis!. In fact HSUS, ASPCA and other so called "Animal Rights" organizations are under investigation and are named defendants in a Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit .

Please support your local animal shelter that actually cares for animals in need and actually uses your hard earned money to underwrite the costs of caring for an animal in need housed in their shelter. Also donate to your local low cost spay/neuter clinic. Don't be deceived by the deceptive commercial asking you to donate 18 to 20 per month to supposedly care for 'abused' animals. We all hate an abhor actual physical harm to any animal, and want to do everything we can to prevent it, but HSUS and PETA define 'animal abuse' as the act of domesticating any animal--the mere ownership of an animal is abusive in their eyes. Only pennies of that money will actually go to caring for animals in need....maybe. Instead it will pay for the expensive commercials and line the pockets of Administrators, lobbyists, and administrative costs of false propaganda and lawyers who acting to strip your rights as a pet owner.

Shaded Silver Persian
Shaded Silver Persian

Adopting a cat from a shelter while laudable, it can be risky in terms of health and well-being of the animal housed there. In fact it is like adopting a pet from a kitten or puppy mill if proper animal husbandry practices are not employed by the facility. Cats are very susceptible to direct contact/airborne upper respiratory diseases especially if confined together in cages with cats coming in from everywhere and anywhere. It is truly no better than obtaining a pet from a commerical puppy or kitten mill.

Obtain your pets from a reputable breeder that has only a few litters a year and raise their kittens underfoot in a home environment (not caged) and employ superior animal husbandry practices. With that being said, a cage has their place to serve as isolation space if an animal is ill or has a condition to prevent the spread of anything that is contagious. For example, if a new cat enters the home of a reputable breeder, it will be isolated from the 'pride' for an least three weeks to insure it is not ill, or becomes ill or has some sort of contagious condition. The isolated newcomer is given much attention to ensure bonding between cat/kitten and owner.

Shaded Silver Persian
Shaded Silver Persian

We all abhor Kitten Mills. Kitten Mills can be identified if the website advertises multiple breeds of cats or offers 'Tea Cup' Persians. There is no such thing as a 'Tea Cup' cat or dog! It is just a catchy catch phrase to make the kitten or puppy somehow more special. In actuality they are breeding runts! The Persian standards around the world call for a medium to large cat--not small! Silvers and Golden Persians are naturally smaller than other Persians but we desire to increase the size of the cat rather than breed to make them smaller!

Be a responsible pet owner and spay and neuter your young pets before the Winter Equinox (12/21). Once the days begin to lengthen the young cats and dogs will become sexually active.

Because silver and Golden Persians' very existence is threatened by the so called 'animal rights' political machine, is one of the many reason why I feel so strongly about preserving our history and educating others about the benefits of being owned by one of these beautiful and endangered Silver and Golden Persians. I encourage you to read about and appreciate the history of these incredibly beautiful cats.

Shaded Silver Persian
Chinchilla Silver Persian
Born May 1, 1928

Articles About the History of Silver and Persian Cats:

By Karol Cummins of Wyndcreste Silver Persians.

by Janice Reicle of Diadem.

by Professor K. W. Bentley, Published in 1978.

The full text of this book can be viewed here:

by Francis Simpson, Published in 1903.

Wyndcreste Chinchilla Shaded Silver Persian Cats

CFA Cattery of Distinction Award

Wyndcreste chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian Cats and Kittens

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